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"Those who can do;

those who can, teach too!"



Committed to Quality

Ability to develop comprehensive instruction that caters to a wide range of audiences and abilities in order to provide a multifaceted learning experience that positions students and peers alike to move to the next phase of professional development.


Quantifiable Results

Launched the inaugural year of the Adobe Certification Program as the culmination of a 4-year rigorous graphic design career readiness academy.  In the past 12 months, students have earned 50+ Adobe Certifications in Interactive Media Production, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash, and the Visual Design Associate suite of programs.

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Applied Design

Professor for the Visual Communications (VisComm) AAS degree program, which prepares students in the production methods, digital media and traditional design related to the visual communications field.


Forging a Path

Forging ahead, establishing myself as a role model in an industry where diverse faces are far too uncommon.

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